The newly refurbished rooms, offer you the opportunity to feel at home. You'll find everything you need in Tuscan style inevitably, making your rest absolutely assured. Look out the window you get an enchanting view of the arch at the entrance of the walls and an old flower garden with a well.
Camera Rossa Camera Blue Suite Specchio Bagno Bagno Asciugamano Cassetto Ornamento greca

Unique modern amenities and a small refrigerator, as it is to offer everything Bolgheri. For example it will be enough to eat down the stairs ...

As in the best families in the culture of the Village, help with friends...

Wine & Cellars

Enoteche e Cantine
The route of the wine cellars of the road runs parallel to the Tyrrhenian coast, between the provinces of Pisa and Livorno.Continue..

Beaches and the Sea

The beaches of the Tuscan convey strong emotions in the year. The clear blue sea, to deserve the blue flag. Continue..

The Restaurants

In bolgheri there are a wide variety of restaurants, all cozy and typical Tuscan villages, you can taste typical products.Continue..

Arts & Culture

The Tuscany Region is distinguished in the imaginary world for its culture and art that every year is admired by its visitors. Continue..

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